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Did you know?

The average sales value generated from an email is 3x higher than that of a social media post.

The online marketing world agrees that
 1 email subscriber = $1/month in revenue.

’ll wait while you do some quick math …

It’s time to start your email list.
(Ahem—I can help.)


From Zero Subscribers (or Zero Strategy) to an Engaged Email List that Lasts.

Discover the 3 secrets that helped me grow my email list to nearly half a million subscribers—and the Number 1 driver of sales in my business.
Repurpose the content you’re already creating—and make sure it actually 
reaches the people you want (and need!) to connect with.

CHANNEL It’s time to use the right PEOPLE to reach the right MESSAGE with the right TIME at the right AND ALGORITHM-PROOF YOUR SALES STRATEGY ONCE AND FOR ALL.



I already have so much content to create—I can’t add one more thing to my plate. 


Ugh—I get so many sales emails, and I delete them all. Why would I use that method to market mybusiness?


I know, I should be sending emails—but I don’t know where to start, what to do, or what to say … so I just go avoid it altogether.





In just one hour of your day, I can show you how to:

  • Use email marketing to be 10x more effective than posting to Instagram & Facebook … because the truth is: your social media content probs isn’t moving the needle.
  • Hop-skip over the expense & tech setup holding you back. In fact, my favorite places to get started are ALL super user-friendly … and FREE.
  • Send out weekly emails without adding more work to your plate… and actually SAVE time while getting significant results!
  • Get people to hit that ‘sign up’ button, and what to say to them (in a non-sleazy way) once they’ve joined to convert them from subscribers to paying clients & customers.


PLUS … I’ll pull back the curtain on the metrics that show off email’s superpowers when compared to social media—prepare for some mind-blowing stats!  

Get started without questioning what should happen first.

Attend the webinar & get my Step-by-Step Email List Quickstart Guide absolutely free. We’ll send it to you like Hogwarts magic after the training.

Dit is voor jou als:

You’re always looking for ways to increase your saleswithout having to jump through hoops like buying expensive ads, running discounts, or doing more networking. 

You enjoy connecting with your ideal clients by posting your work & sharing content—but it feels like Instagram & Facebook sometimes conspire against you. 

You’re a service provider who needs a way to stay top of mind with your prospective clients.

You want to get the MOST bang for your buck when you dedicate time & energy to a task

The simple truth is this: 72% of people prefer to receive promotional content through email (as opposed to the 17% who prefer social media). Yeah—people want your emails, you just have to find the right people.    


You want to get the MOST bang for your buck when you dedicate time & energy to a task.




Less than 6% of your followers actually see your posts

3.57% of people click links in emails compared to .07% on Facebook.

Email marketing has acquired 40x more customersthan Facebook and Twitter combined.

A message is 5x more likely to be seen in email than via Facebook.

66% of consumers have purchased something directly from email marketing.


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